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So who are the Itchen Spitfires Running Club?

How did we start?

The Itchen Spitfires Running club was conceived and born in December 2014. John and Rachel Grant had tried a few running clubs and, although they met lots of wonderful people, none of the clubs were quite what they were looking for. They wanted a club where everyone would be included no matter what their age or how fast they could run. Their ideal club would be friendly, it would support and encourage everyone to be the best runner they could and celebrate all achievements be it running a first 5K, getting a PB, winning a race or just crossing a finish line. As they couldn't find all this in one club there was only one thing to do, start their own.

Once they'd decided to start a club they had to find a name. Based on where they planned to meet they toyed with the idea of Woolston, Itchen & Netley but, although it had a great acronym for a running club, it didn't quite do the trick. In the end they settled on Itchen to reflect their location. To invoke their ethos they chose to use the name of the aircraft once built on the banks of the river, almost within sight of the Millennium Garden. Spitfires were a symbol of sprit, courage, hope and camaraderie, all things they wanted to foster in their club. Today there are more than 200 members and "Go Spitfires" can be heard shouted from the sidelines of races and parkruns all over Hampshire.

The Club Ethos

Our ethos is to welcome everyone, regardless of ability. If you can run a 5k you are welcome to join in our sessions. We also run occasional beginner classes, based on C25K, regular Run and Talk events, supporting running and positive mental health, and agility training sessions to improve running technique. We believe running should be for everyone and encourage all members to fulfill their own running potential. No one is ever left to run alone.

If you're thinking of joining but still aren't sure, why not pop along to the Millennium Garden SO19 9RH. We meet on Monday and Thursday evenings at 6:45. Please check our run schedule Link to club calendar beforehand or use our Contact Us page and FAQ's if you need more information. You could also chat to our run leaders and members at one of our Run and Talk events, look for updates on our Facebook or Twitter page.

Where we meet

For every Monday session, and most Thursday sessions, we meet at 6:45pm at the Feather sculpture in the Millenium Garden, Woolston.

On the first Thursday of each month, we have an "away day", starting at 6:45pm - 7:00pm at various other locations in the Southampton area - See the club calendar for details.